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Prineville Vacation Rental Overlooking Prineville Reservoir

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Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort

Oregon Jobs

Boating in Oregon: Oregon has lakes, rivers and bays for every type of boating activity. Did you know that in Oregon there are:

  • 6,634 lakes and reservoirs
  • 687,870 surface acres of water
  • 75 major rivers
  • 10,000 streams
  • 363 miles of coastline
  • 21 major estuaries
  • 14 coastal bays

NEW! Experience Oregon Boating Handbook
Safety, Regulations and How-To's and Not-To-Do's for fun boating in Oregon. The new edition of the Oregon Boater's Regulations Handbook from the Oregon State Marine Board.

All Oregon Boaters Must Carry a Boater Education Card

Get your:
Oregon Boater
Education Card Online

Washington Boater
Education Card Online

Oregon tides  (Interactive)
Oregon Weather  
Oregon River Levels 
General Weather Links
Oregon Coastal Weather
Oregon Weather Satellite  Great Satellite shot of Oregon
Western Oregon Weather
Southwest Oregon Weather (NOAA)
Western Region Weather Info (NOAA) 
Northeast OR/SW WA Info (NOAA)
Eastern OR/SW ID Weather (NOAA)

Check your Boating Weather!
Current/Projected Flood Warnings
Regional Forecasts/Warnings 
National Forecasts/Warnings
National Satellite View Be sure to click on the 12 & 24 hour Loop at the bottom to see the weather roll through.
3 Month Forecasts 

Weather Definitions: What's the difference between a "Small Craft Advisory" and a "Gale Warning"? And other weather definitions.

Boating and Navigation Hazards On Oregon Waterways

Don't get caught! The OSMB maintains a list of boating and navigation hazards. Check before you go for Boating Hazards on lakes, rivers and bays around Oregon.

Whitewater Rafters - Life Jackets Required On All Class III Rapids 1/1/2010 Starting Jan 1, 2010 life jackets are required on Class III rapids. See the Definitions of the various Classes and a listing of Rapid Class by River.

Oregon Boating Info
Oregon Fishing Info
Oregon Water Levels
Oregon Weather & Tides
Washington Fishing Info
Safe Boating Campaign
Boating Safety Guide (BoatUS)
RV Info

Prineville Reservoir Boat Escape

__ Prineville Reservoir Boat Escape__
Prineville Reservoir is a popular boating destination in Eastern Oregon near Prineville. It boasts 4 camping/RV areas and 6 boat launches, boating, waterskiing, fishing and swimmng. Summertime water temperatures are often just perfect for all kinds of water sports. There are supplies, fuel and a restaurant on the lake.
(Prineville Reservoir Boating & Camping Escape)

Boat Escapes

Looking for a place to escape in your boat, RV or Tent? See our Boat Escapes to find some of the best places to go to boat, camp and fish in Oregon and other top spots in the Northwest.
- Loon Lake Boat Escape
- Foster Reservoir Boat Escape
- Prineville Reservoir Boat Escape

Online Boating Games and Puzzles
____Dockit - Boat Docking Game____
BoatU.S. is helping boaters improve their navigation, docking and boating skills with online games. Safely navigate any of three ships around hazards and obstacles and complete a safe docking in multiple marina layouts. Or, test your navigation skills with Navigate-It. Also, puzzles, Sudoku and crossword. Test your skills!

Top 10 Most Humerous Boat Names from BoatUS:

  • What College Fund?
  • Stocks-N-Blonds
  • Anchor Management
  • Sweet Em-Ocean
  • Knotty Buoy
  • Reel-e-Fish-ent
  • A-Frayed Knot
  • O-Sea-D
  • A-Loan-Again
  • Really Big Car

See the BoatUS Graphics Top Ten Boat Names by Year. Here you can also see a list of over 8500 boat names that they have complied.

Boating in Oregon

Boat Escape is your Ulitmate Online Resource for Oregon Boating, Camping and Fishing.
Oregon has some of the best boating in the Northwest. There is a place to boat for everyone from canoes & kayaks to rafts and power boating. With our huge searchable database of Oregon lakes and rivers, Oregon Marinas and Oregon Campgrounds, Boat Escape allows you to search for Oregon Boating opportunities near you or near where you want to go. Find a lake or river and we show you marinas and nearby campgrounds.
Search for:
- Oregon Boating Lakes & Rivers
- Oregon Campgrounds & RV Parks
- Oregon Marinas
- Oregon Boating & Fishing Businesses
- Search for fish types by Lake/River
- Search for Oregon Lakes/Rivers and find available fish types - native & stocked
- Find fishing reports and important boating and fishing links

Boat U.S. Boat Tech Guides
Looking for answers to boating products, boat operation, maintenance, equipment and safety? Here you will find everything from Anchoring to Varnishing. A comprehensive list of articles from Boat US.

Oregon Boating:
Oregon Boating - Search for lakes, rivers, campgrounds and marinas

- Search for Oregon Boat Ramps, Marinas and Campgrounds search engine lets you search for:
Lakes and Rivers,  
Campgrounds and Ramps
Boating/Fishing Businesses  
by Water Resource, Area, County or Agency.  Or add attributes to narrow your search.
Try the Oregon Fish Finder (joint Boat Escape & ODFW Project)

Boating Mistakes
Trailering - Boating Mistakes
Order your FREE "All About Trailering " brochure from  Seaworthy Magazine.  Seaworthy is published by BoatUS to help you avoid common mistakes that lead to expensive damage and claims.
Other Seaworthy FREE brochures:
- Roll, Roll, Roll Your Boat... All about Trailering Your Boat 
- Why Boats Sink  
- Why Boats Catch Fire 
- Sign up for Seaworthy Magazine 
- Visit 

FREE Guides available from the BoatUS Consumer Protection Bureau.  (Scroll to bottom) 
The "Buying and Selling a Boat" guide will help the novice navigate unfamiliar waters and remind the seasoned of trouble spots.
The "Guide to Marine Service" includes information about on-the- water towers, marinas, Overland transport, extended warranties and billing disputes. 

Find What You Are Looking For

- Fresh Water Fish Locater: Search lakes and rivers by Game Fish Type or see which game fish live in a body of water
- Oregon Fishing Info 
- Washington Fishing Info 
- Oregon Boating Info  
- Water Levels
- Weather & Tides 
- Boat Registration  

Renew your  Boat Registration on-line at the new OSMB RegLine. Its simple, safe and secure.  Did we say FAST!  That too. And you can use it 24/7.

Beware of the "Law of Gross Tonnage". 
While it may seem like common sense, boats under 65' must give way to large vessels in restricted channels.  It is not only dangerous, but could get you a fine, as well.  (More..)

JD Power Consumer Center
now rates Boats!
Based on responses from almost 6000 boat owners of 36 different brands, they provide detailed evaluations of quality and customer satisfaction with the vessel's interior,exterior, comfort, performance, ride. 

Accessible Fishing & RV'ng
Looking for accessible fishing and traveler sites?  Here are some great resources.
- HandiAngler   
- Emerging Horizons

- Disabled Fishing Oregon    

Sportfishing Quiz

1) What 3 states have the most anglers?
2) What 3 states have the most jobs supported by sportfishing?
3) The total number of anglers in the US is greater than what state?
4) One out of 3 anglers fish for what species making it America's most popular gamefish.
5) What is the most targeted saltwater fish?
6) 45% of anglers come fomr cities of _______ people or more?
7) What percentage of anglers have attended college?
8) What percentage of anglers are women?
9) Nearly __% of anglers are between the ages of 35-54?

Answers to Sportfishing Quiz provides test results for many boats.  Buying a new one or like to know more about your boat?  Click on the logo for more info. gets top billing
        Boat Escape gets top billing in Fishing Online's 1000 Best Web Sites
in Fishing Online, 1,000 Best Web Sites.  Just look for us in the Oregon Section or in the Top Rated Appendix.  

Pls visit our Sponsors: 
   BOATsmart! Canada - Online boating license exam. - Information & study guides on getting  your boating license.
   Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort
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   Albany Oregon Pickleball


_______THE WATER FRONT_______
What's going on in the Boating World...

AAA Warning- New gas (E15) could damage your vehicle! AAA says filling your tank with E15 fuel could damage your engine if your vehicle is older than 2012. Ten car companies say using E15 will void your warranty. Five minute video on Fox Business.

DC Court of Appeals denied a rehearing on the decision that allows the EPA to put E15 on the market. The marine industry has been particularly vocal about the issue, with groups including NMMA and MRAA joining efforts to keep E15 a fuel blend containing 15 percent ethanol off the market because of fears it will damage marine engines if boat owners unwittingly use it to fuel their vessels. We (Boating Industry) remind consumers that E15 is not approved for marine engines and not to fuel your boat with 15 percent ethanol gasoline.

Where to purchase "Clear" Gasoline - OSMB Map.

Where to find Non-Blended Gas in Oregon. (PDF)

E15 requires extra vigilance by boaters and anglers.

This little label on a gas pump could be all that separates boaters from dangerously misfueling their boat. When E15 arrives at the pumps, boaters shouldn't even think about using it in a boat. Good explanation od E15 issues. (Trade Only Today)

Ethanol Is Here To Stay???
Boaters should be well aware that 10% ethanol is here. And 15% ethanol is coming at us fast. Here are some industry experts that say we need to accept that as our future. Boater comments are clear that it is damaging boat and small engines and the whole issue should be reevaluated. Trade Only Today

EPA Expands the E15 Rule (Trade Only Today) 15% ethanol has been approved for 2001-2006 vehicles despite serious concerns by the boating industry that there has been no action to ensure compatible fuels remain available for the nation's 13 million registered boat owners or the hundreds of millions of owners of gasoline-powered equipment. National Marine Manufacturers Association

Good News! Boating Safety is Improving. The NTSB updated their "Most Wanted List" by adding motorcycle safety and dropping recreational boating where it said substantial progress has been made. NTSB Most Wanted List Brochure (PDF)

The Water Front Archives - See older boating articles.

Not sure where to boat????
Search our database for Oregon Lakes & Rivers, Campgrounds & Resorts, Marinas or Boating-Related Businesses.  Search by county, city or area & find that perfect place for your next boating or camping trip.  Add attributes (Showers for Her, dump station for Him) to narrow your search.  Or find a river, lake or marina by name.  The most comprehensive information available on or off the net!!!

_____Oregon Boating Info____
- Guide to Boating in Oregon (PDF)
- 2009-2011 Boating Facilities Guide (PDF)
- Boating Laws & Regulations
- Registration & Fees
- Renew Online
- Mandatory Boater Education
- Navigation Hazards
- Administrative Boating Rules
- Guide to Lower Columbi and Willamette Rivers (PDF 5.6 MBF)
- River Canoeing, Rafting & Kayaking - Wild & Scenic Rivers and river passes
- Outfitters/Guides/Charters
- Buy Your Aquatic Invasive Species Permit Online

Oregon Boating Restrictions - Restrictions on motor boats in Oregon waterways including "motors prohibited" and "electrict boating only". Click on link at the top or scroll a little over halfway down to the 2 tables.

Use our BoatEscape Fishfinder. You can search for Lakes & Rivers by "fish type" or find out what type of fish are in the lake or river you are visiting. Developed jointly by ODFW and Click on Search Lakes & Rivers to begin.

Going fishing?  Be sure to check the Oregon 2015 Fishing Regs (Very Large PDF) to see where trout fishing is allowed.  Always be sure to check to see if there are any regulation changes:
- Buy a License Online
- Annual Fishng Guide
- Fishing Regulation Updates by Zone
Angling License Fees   
ODFW License Agents (PDF)
General Fishing Resources
Easy Angling
Your Rights to Use Oregon Lakes & Rivers
Oregon Fish Finder (joint Boat Escape & ODFW Project)
Oregon Steelhead Guide
Warm Water Fishing
Oregon Shellfish Regulations
Columbia River Fisheries

Oregon Fishing Links
Reports/ stocking schedules by zone.  
Oregon Fish Counts
Daily Fish Reports

The ODFW Weekly Fishing Report will provide up-to-minute info. Or you can see reports by Zone:
Zone-By-Zone Reports
Northwest Zone 
Southwest Zone  
Willamette Zone 
Central Zone  
Southeast Zone  
Northeast Zone   
Snake Zone   
Columbia Zone   
Marine Zone  
Fishing Resources:
Oregon Fishing Forum
The Guide's Forecast

Washington Fishing Reports and Stocking reports
The Weekender Report - Current fish & wildlife recreation opportunities in WA State.
Purchase WA Fishing Licenses On-Line 
- Washington License Fees
- Download Washington Sportfishing Regs
- Fish Plant Weekly Reports 
- Fishing, Stocking & Creel Reports  
- WA Fishing Prospects  
- Fishing & Shellfish Rules  
- WA Guides, Tips & Resources

Boating Water Level Info

Corps of Engineers:
Willamette R. Drainage  
- Graphs
- Teacup Diagrams
- Weekly Reservoir/River Forecast
- Willamette Basin Synopsis
Hills Creek, Lookout Point, Falls Creek, Cottage Grove, Dorena, Cougar, Blue River, Fern Ridge, Green Peter, Foster and Detroit reservoirs.

Rogue R. Drainage
- Graphs
- Teacup Diagrams
- Rogue River Basin Synopsis (scroll Down)
Galesville, Lost Creek, Fourmile, Emigrant, Howard Prairie, Hyatt, Applegate Reservoirs

Columbia River Drainages

- Teacup Diagrams  

- Bureau of Reclamation Tea Cup charts for Eastern & Southern Oregon/Southern Idaho  
- Deschutes Area - Ochoco, Prineville, Crane Prairie, Wickiup, Crescent Lakes
 - Rogue river Area - Agate, Four-mile, Emigrant, Fish Lake, Howard Prairie, Hyatt reservoirs.
- Owhyhee Area (Eastern OR) -  Philips, unity, Beulah, Warm Springs, Owyhee, Bully Creek, Thief Valley reservoirs.
- Tualatin River - Scoggins Reservoir
- Umatilla River Basin - Cold Springs, McKay Reservoirs.
- Boise/Payette Area 
- Upper Snake River Basin
- Yakima River Basin

US Bureau of Reclamation Reservoir Storage Diagrams  
Check out their new Boat Ramp Diagrams (Only includes Owyhee and Unity lakes at this time.)

Boating Accident Videos - You won't believe these!!!
A video is worth 10,000 words! Failure to keep a proper lookout, obeying the Rules of the Road, avoiding a collision no matter who is the stand-on vessel. Simple rules that would have avoided all of these accidents.
Two vessels Colliding - miles of open seas!
Sail Boat Meets Ferry Boat
Bridge 1, Ship 0
How NOT to Launch your PWC

Oregon Fishing Forum
If you are looking for a friendly forum dedicated to sharing information about fishing in Oregon - You Just Found It!!! OFF provides subforums by type of fish and by water location so it is easy to find information you need. And the members are more than glad to share their ideas and tips for making your next fishing adventure fun and productive.

BoatUS Rules of the Road Decal
Boating Rules of the Road
Download a Rules of the Road Decal from BoatUS. The weatherproof decal gives examples of the most common types of navigational markers, rules of the road and right of way illustrations, and an explanation of horn signals.

Going boating in Oregon?
Looking for the best gas prices? Here are a few links to help you find the best gas prices in your area.

NEW Yahoo Search for Cheap Gas. Type in "cheap gas" and your zip code. Provides a list and map of cheapest gas in your area.

Oregon Gas Prices  Find the lowest gas prices in Oregon in the last 72 hours in your area.  Submit  gas prices. Find the average gas price in Oregon.
Local Gas Prices by Zip Code  Just type in your Zip and this tool will show you local gas stations and their prices.  Click on a Station's name and it zooms in to that location on a map. 
Gas Price Watch.  Check out the Gas prices before you go.  Over 14,000 stations monitored.

Traveling? - Check before you go. 

ODOT's Trip Check  highway conditions.  
Road Cams - Over 130 cams available.

National Weather Service 

When a launch goes wrong!!!
Boating Accidents
Note the guy in the stern! Just one bad turnbuckle and your $4 Million boat turns into a submarine. I think the launch was free.

Boating Video Tips
- Free informational boating videos. From Docking to Rules of the Road to Safety this site has videos to enhance your boating skills.
 RV Links RV ZONE RV Links

RV Links Page
Catch our RV links pages to get all the information you need for RV'ng.
- General RV Links 
- RV Magazines  
- RV Associtations  
- RV Owner Clubs
RV Rental  

Looking for RV dumps.  Look no farther than  A must have guide for RV'rs.  Easily organized by state.

Find or make comments
on any of our Oregon Campgrounds and RV Parks. Let other visitors know about your experience.
Find or make comments about RV Parks across the nation with RV Park Reviews.

Willamette River Recreation Guide, Your guide to boating on the Willamette River. (pdf format, 1,873 kb)

Catch this Fishing Info on our Lakes & Rivers search pages.  We can't tell you exactly where that "lunker" is but our Fish Locater can help you find where to fish for your favorite game species. 
Search by fish type to find lakes and/or rivers with your favorite fish that are in it.

Local Notice to Mariners
- Check here before you go. Wins Regional Award from the Northwest Marine Trade Association "for their outstanding contributions to the marine industry and boating public."  (More..)

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