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Oregon Economic Impact of Boating
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What watersport-friendly region has 353 miles of coastline, thousands of miles of rivers and bays, hundreds of lakes and reservoirs, over 200,000 registered boat owners and a staggering $1 billion in boating and fishing direct expenditures.  That's right, OREGON! 

Sportfishing and boating is a $ 108 billion industry nation-wide and the total economic impact in Oregon is almost $ 1.2 billion.   Recreationists Escape to the lakes and rivers of Oregon for fishing and boating activities almost 8 million times a year.   Yet, there is still no comprehensive guide to boating and fishing activities in Oregon. 

Until now!

Boat Escape is the Ultimate Internet Resource for Boaters in Oregon.   It contains a comprehensive, searchable database of information on Oregon lakes and rivers, camping, marinas, ramps, fishing, boat dealers, RV dealers, outfitters, and general boating and safety information.  

For the first time, all of the boating information that boaters need is available free, in one place, literally at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week from Boat Escape.   This information was compiled from numerous federal, state, and local sources.    Boat Escape provides complete boating and recreation information, in one spot, tailored to the  needs of the boater, camper and angler.

Recreationists will be able to find their favorite boating and camping sites, or find information about new recreation opportunities on Boat Escape.  They will be able to access over 420 lakes and rivers, over 1200 campground facilities, over 180 marinas and over 1400 boating related businesses in Oregon.  They will be able to find that perfect site for their tent or RV and will be able to find information about facilities, fishing, and weather on all the waters in the state.  They will also be able to find links to boating and recreational agencies, boat dealers, boat manufactures and other boating related information.

Search the powerful Boat Escape database for over 420 lakes and rivers by county, by city, by OSMB Area, or by boating or camping attributes, or just select the water resource directly.  Within each water resource the boater can look at the different campgrounds and marinas.  The boater then can look at specific campground information such as accessibility, types and sizes of camping available, amenities, find directions, and even make reservations on-line where applicable.  Just want to look for campgrounds?  Use the powerful Boat Escape search to locate any one of over 1000 campgrounds and boat launches. 

Boat Escape also has fishing information, weather, and mapping to your favorite site. Want more?  How about a searchable list of boat and RV dealers?  And even more?  Boat Escape has a searchable list of Oregon outfitters and lodging coming soon.  But, in order to make the ultimate resource for Oregon, we have also included web site listing and hosting for boating, camping and fishing related businesses.  Boat Escape is really Oregon's Ultimate Boating Resource for boating, camping and fishing.

 (Check out the power of boating and fishing in Oregon on the attached sheet)

Boat Escape facts

28.2 million people can't all be wrong!!!  Power boating is ranked 11th among the most popular sports in the U.S. in 1997,  fishing was 7th,  and camping was 4th.  Canoeing, water skiing, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking/rafting followed at 35th, 36th, 44th and 48th.

Some boating facts in Oregon (latest figures available are from 1996):

Total Economic Impact to Oregon $ 1,173,234,473 (Yes, that is one billion dollars!)
Angler Expenditures $ 622,806, 450
     Freshwater Angler Expenditures     $ 453,877,941
     Saltwater Angler Expenditures     $ 118,795,195
Total Fishing Days in Oregon 7, 989,172 days
Equipment Purchases  
    Motor Boats

$  35,870 829

     Boat Motors& boating accessories $  17,948,839
    Canoe/non-motor boats $  2,747,340
    Clothing $    5,138,060
    Binoculars $    1,018,449
    Camping equipment $    4,589,632
    Sportfishing Equipment: Rods &    Reels, tacklelures, bait, $  63,978,669
    Depth finders, electronic devices $    2,979, 534
    Pickup, van, camper, trailer, motor home $ 127,489,522
    Books & Magazines $    2,339,919
Boat Launching fees $    2,684,066
Boat Mooring and Storage $  18,053,052
Equipment Rental $    7,131,407
Outfitters and Guides $  13,819,111
Lodging $  25,255,538
Food, Drink, refreshments $  70,744,981
Boat Fuel $  20,334,108

(Source:  American Sportfishing Association)


Our Goals

Develop an internet site that will provide comprehensive, searchable boating, fishing and camping information for Oregon state.  BOATESCAPE.COM will become the starting point for recreationists to begin planning their next ESCAPE.  To accomplish this, we will:

  • Provide a wealth of free information to the boater, camper and angler.
  • Develop a comprehensive Oregon database of lakes and rivers and the ramps and facilities associated with them
  • Develop a comprehensive Oregon database of campgrounds.
  • Develop a comprehensive Oregon database of marinas.
  • Develop a comprehensive Oregon database of boating, fishing and camping businesses to assist recreationists.
  • Provide links to state, federal and local agencies that provide boating, fishing and camping facilitites.
  • Provide boating safety information.
  • Provide  weather, maps, and other important boating information.
  • Provide general boating links that will be interesting to recreationists.

Our Bios

Bob VanderLinden:   Bob is  currently the Administrative Officer for the Siuslaw National Forest in Corvallis, Oregon.    Bob has worked for the Forest Service for over 27 years and has been able to live and work in some of the most beautiful places in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming.   In 1999, Bob began development of combining two of his favorite "Escapes"; boating and the Internet.

Bob's career with the Forest Service has involved engineering, administration and currently management.  Bob manages the business services for the Siuslaw National Forest, which has a $14 million budget.    One of Bob's most memorable experiences was organizing and directing a Centennial Celebration for the National Forest System in 1991 in Cody, Wyoming that included   participants from all over the nation in multiple ceremonies that covered two weeks.   

Brian Platz: Brian currently owns  "The Web Doctor", a computer consulting company in Salem, Oregon, specializing in providing Internet solutions since 1996.  In September of 1999,  Brian resigned from his Web Master position for the Oregon Department of Education to pursue the full development of  Prior to working at Education, Brian was Oregon Department of Correction's Web Master and Systems Analyst, specializing in design, development, and implementation of client server applications. His experience  in database applications and dynamic implementation to the web provide the needed skills in making Boat Escape a reality.

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