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SPONSORSHIPS are an important part of our overall site.  Sponsors want to give something back to the people that walk through their doors or click on their site and use their products or services.  By sponsoring, Sponsors believe they are helping their customer (and future customers) have the best times of their lives on the water.  They believe that by providing Oregon boaters, campers and anglers with  comprehensive, Oregon information all in one spot on the internet, they are providing a critical service to their customers.  All the customers have to do is, JUST ADD WATER!!!

The partnership between, county, state and federal agencies, businesses and sponsors will serve to enhance people's experience on Oregon Lakes and Rivers.  To be a part of the team, Email Our Staff for Details.

Sponsors are given a prominent banner placement at the top of each of the 5 main sections. Banner sizes restrictions are: 360 pixels wide, 60 pixels high, and a maximum file size of 24kb. In addition to the banner placement, we also have a special "Sponsors" section on explaining, in their own words, how they feel about giving something back to the Oregon boater, camper and angler.   The 5 sections are Home,  Search Lakes & Rivers, Search Campgrounds, Search Marinas, Search Businesses.  Coming soon are "Boat Escapes" and Search Lodging.  The sponsor is also displayed on search pages each time there is a search in that section.

We also have minor sponsorships available (360X60 Banners) for the links pages which include: Boating Links, Boating Safety, Safety Links, Calendar, Fishing, Canoe/Whitewater/Rafting, Sailing and the Tourism&Chambers Links.  

Get Maximum Exposure,
Give something back to your customers,
Oregon's Ultimate Boating Resource, JUST ADD WATER!!!
Email Our Staff for Details,  now.



Banner ads are a great way to make your site stand out among
other listings or to promote your site or business at a very
affordable rate.  We have a minimum number of mini-banners per page so your business gets maximum exposure.  By selecting a section or page relevant to your business, you focus your advertisement on customers that are interested in  your products or services.   Our mini-banners ads are 120 pixels wide and 60 pixels high with a maximum file size of 8kb. 
Purchase 1, 2 or all 3 mini-banners for a page. 

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  Home Page
 Side Mini-Banners
(3 banners 120X60, Max 8K)

3 months   $100
6 months   $175
12 months   $300


  Home Page
 Bottom Mini-Banners
(3 banners 120X60, Max 8K)

3 months   $70
6 months   $125
12 months   $200


  Search Section 
(3 banners 120X60, Max 8K)

3 months     $50
6 months     $90
12 months   $160

*Main Sections include: Search Lakes & Rivers, Search Campgrounds,Search Marinas, Search Biz Directory. 

Links Pages
(3 banners 120X60, Max 8K)

3 months     $40
6 months     $170
12 months    $120

*Links Pages include: General Boating, Boating Safety, Safety, Calendar/Events, Jet Boat , PWC, Sailing, Fishing, Canoe/Whitewater/Rafting, Tourism & Chambers, Gov't & Trade Assoc., and Weather.

Level D
(3 banners 120X60, Max 8K)

3 month N/A
6 month N/A
12 month $72

*Level D pages are the individual search results pages for all the lakes & rivers, campgrounds, marinas and businesses. You can put your banner on your information page!

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